The Collapse of The American Dream Explained Does your vote count? 4 months ago   29:55

We're doomed. pass it on

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Andik Putra
i am really questioning, who is master supreme leader?
Leonard Harpin
THE SOONER WE KILL THE BANKS - the better we will be ....FREEDOM !!!!!
Funny Frog TV
Brilliant !! Further Interest :
Juci Shockwave
If you really think about, every person who has ever oppose to the current economic system has been assassinated. Jesus oppose classism... got killed. Gandhi oppose classism... got killed. Malcolm X opposed classism... got killed. JFK oppose classism... got killed. MLK Jr oppose classism... got killed. So-on and so-forth. You can bring up racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination towards the disable... but NEVER EVER QUESTION THE STRUCTURAL CLASSISM! That is a big no-no. Take a look at current trends with #MeToo movement, BLM, Modern Feminism, MGTOW, Mens' Rights Movement, etc... they were all created to blind, keep busy, distracted from the true oppressor, suppressor of humanity. All equality is depended on your social-economic status. If you're poor, you are limited to what you do, go and are. Point, blank, period!!!! Bottom line is there is no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc if you're rich! That's classism, but you would never here any movement to speak up about this, because than billions are united by common interest and goal... we eventually be seen as all equals, thus be able to finally cooperate together as we should had been and take down the true underlining opposer of true freedom... the very economic system itself... the monetary-market system. But keep being asleep folks... enjoy your lies and illusions. Keep supporting movements that actually hinders liberty rather than actually creating it. So long as the monetary-market system exists we are all slaves.
Juci Shockwave
Great video to teach the kids about the dangers of abusing credit and loans. If practiced wisely and responsibly, credit cards and loans are really helpful. Pay back and you wouldn't have any problem. You can't? Than give those companies a call... you would be shocked at how flexible and cooperative many of them are. They will even put a stop to interest rate, if it meant you pay back at the time you agree to pay back. Summer time is the worse for me, 2.5 months without working till August rolls in. Credit card companies would halt the interest rates during that time for me and will resume upon the date I agree to pay them again. I swear people should practice sensibility and responsibility. People love to complicate things that shouldn't be that complicated to understand.
Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet
You see CAPITALISM and RELIGION ("Christians") IS NOT PERFECT 🇺🇸✝💎💵💰
Doeg the Peog
you cant have capitalism AND no banks. capitalism relies on debt to create value
Ricky bobby
I feel like this is a concept that is easy to understand but at the same time hard to explain all the nuances I.E can get complicated.
Invader Zim

I hope this serve us as a wake up call. We must preserve the American FREEDOM and abolish the federal reserve, IRS, and the central banks through *BOYCOTT*

Our National Debt is at OVER 22 *TRILLION DOLLARS* and still rising and then bankrupt and we should know!!

To those who don't believe, I have a PRIME EXAMPLE. Look to Venezuela, they're paying the price and with all that debt and we're no different, it can happen to us too!!

GOD help us, it is getting scarier these days, along with the fight against our Second Amendment (our Right-To-Bear-Arms). If they remove that law, they know the rest is easy to remove.
jim smith
why has youscrew let this stay on the internet.i am glad it still isi backed it up on a cd for future reference!!!!
bc cav
This is why I kept telling people, don't get a house you can't afford ( in the future).... you'll get corn holed every time.
40,000th comment
K. Yvon Julien
The more and more I watched this. My brain is feeding with knowledge 👍🏽😃😃
This is true and JFK was the last real president of America and from 2017 Trump is the new real president of America but they will put him dawn in the near future .
The American dream will only make sense if you were sleeping.
Ma Lay
All the dislikes are by those who still want to be not just slaves but bitches to the sad.
Like Clockwork64
The answer to this is that we have to pull ourselves out of this with sheer manpower, no debt to the bank, but specifically to ourselves and only ourselves.

The German's came up with that solution in the 30s. History all makes sense when you understand to true intentions of the oligarchs
Shamindra De Zylva
I remember watching this years ago and feeling hopeless. I'm glad there's a Plan ₿ ;)
Dog with a keyboard.
Rothchild, jew. Banks, jews. Now you see.
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