The Collapse of The American Dream Explained Banking Explained – Money and Credit 2 months ago   29:55

We're doomed. pass it on

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The Tribe
Benjamin Bovard
My hope is that the IRS will come to my doorstep to take away my house from me. I will then take them to the Supreme Court. The IRS in and of itself is unconstitutional. If they win, then the country is truly lost and can only be taken back by storm.
Now there are 8.4 million woke people who won’t do anything about it. YAYAYAYA
SN Project
This video unironically only makes sense if you never read a book about the history of currency, banks, or... Any history really.
Much like the banks, this video is meant to take advantage of uneducated individuals who trust the loudest voice because it promises easy answers.
Brilliant I tell you.
Sooo i'm suppose to kick my banker in a well ?
Starguard !
Don't worry.. the Orange Haired guy is going to make America Great Again
Shehab Quadery
বাবুদের স্বপ্ন
Gediminas Jesinas
Meat industry and consumerism is destroying planet.
Abenezer Alemu
This is the most educational entertaining animation I have ever watched. Keep it up.
dimas sokowati
legend said the creator of this video has gone missing...
I love 20th century propaganda
Game Changer
i love this
robert smith
the very first scene was as far as I got. this video is absolute trash. somehow, you signing up for a mortgage has been translated into a plot against you. YOU wanted that expensive house that YOU couldn't afford, so YOU signed your life away for it. they werent so evil when they helped you realize your own selfish, unrealistic wants,....were they?? no,..they were not.  but when YOU have to pay,... they become the antichrist. fucking bullshit. own your actions. the real problem with America is that people EXPECT the bank to cut them a break!!! are you fucking serious????? own your mistakes. you want to make asshole decisions??? then expect to be run over by the universe. there was a time once when idiots were made to pay DEARLY for their mistakes, and they LEARNED from it. today,..... shit ain't like that. collapse of the American dream my ass. the title should be "collapse of a dopey idiot who can't figure out how to function" … SHOULD be miserable for dopey idiots.
Vito Scaletta
Jens Dreger
You are all falling here for propaganda for the purpose to distrust your institutions. study relieable books and don't believe constructed half truths with comic emotionalisation that brainwashed you already for years. who made this movie? russian television? some nazis your grandfathers fought 70 years ago (antisemitism --> Rothschild)?

crazy to see an admirable empire state and the american dream go down like this from the inside...with silly comic conspiracy theory
zi the z
And who created the banks ?! Jews of course
Btw, you can do nothing against them, they have all armies and world polices in the world, otherwise you'll be called terrorists
no name
so true
In the 2040 amd 50s America will go broke
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Banking Explained – Money and Credit The Collapse of The American Dream Explained 2 months ago   06:10

Banks are a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. We all kind of know that they do stuff with money we don’t understand, while the last crisis left a feeling of deep mistrust and confusion. We try to shed a bit of light onto the banking system. Why were banks invented, why did they cause the last crisis and are there alternatives?

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Banking Explained – Money and Credit

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