Great natural wonders - tidal Extremely High & Low Tides in Guernsey 4 months ago   02:53

BBC Studios
David Attenborough narrates this video clip about Talbot Bay, a rarely seen vision of the tide at one of the most wild and rugged parts of Australian shoreline. From BBC.

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Papa BoneDaddy
I wonder what would happen if they tried to block it during high tide... How long would it take for mother nature to destroy the blockage.
What have you done to it’s eyes?! !
I like tides n shit
Patriche Will
Wow!. That is Amazing...hiw the tide changes rapidly
timmy pruss
That's a big commode
The Other Side
*Even if residential locations are hundreds of kilometers away from this spot, it doesn't make it useless entirely.*
*Offshore data centers could be built next to it. Or some other facilities that can operate offshore.*
Rod Byholm
It’s a shame the video quality is so poor.
Mimi Holand
Garbage quality .Take it down!
hi def 2008
wow , potato camera and imperial system.
Elias Wiggins
That sure was a massive tidal wave...
Peter Broadey
Hydro site surely
Peter Pettigrew
Jennifer Cruz
144p? SERIOUSLY? Im gonna watch 144p on a 4K tv?
Richie A
How refreshing to see a BBC documentary using proper measures: feet, gallons, miles. The BBC thinks we're all so thick these days that we don't understand these basic measures, so they insist on patronising us almost exclusively with metric.
Shadow's Delegate
sET up power turbines - then disconnect the coal fired portion of the power grid they then replace -------------- WAKE UP HUMANS, QUIT DUMPING CO2 IN THE AIR AND THUS SEA !!
Dr Nitesh
But what do the flat earthers think
Why the heck isn’t this area developed for wave power
What the ecosystem
Lion Fighter International
Super cool :D
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Extremely High & Low Tides in Guernsey Great natural wonders - tidal 4 months ago   05:05

This happens in Guernsey about once a year. We have one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, 30 feet or 10 metres. The high tide on this day was 10.1m and the low tide was 0.5m above chart datum. Luckily for the shops opposite the Victoria Marina there was a high pressure weather system over us at the time, because otherwise the shops and the road would normally get flooded out with sea water at this tide height.