Great natural wonders - tidal Hercules 2014: Huge waves 2 days ago   02:53

BBC Studios
David Attenborough narrates this video clip about Talbot Bay, a rarely seen vision of the tide at one of the most wild and rugged parts of Australian shoreline. From BBC.

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rick clendenin
Does anyone fish around there? Looks like a good spot.
Nigel 900
In stunning 144p.... Awesome!
Bryan O
I'm pretty sure every time this comes up in suggested I watch it.
philthy cat 1
Oh its David Attenborough with a natural wonder this time. Its a wonder that he's not blaming us humans as usual.
Chapel Tibet
Screw the physics. Spirit uber alles!
Mark Rathmell
If I had a dollar for every pixel I'd have $2.50
Jamie Talbot
Legend says that's where was born ^^
david attenburough - top narrator!
Tanga Toto
Crap quality, don’t bother watching.....just how many times can you re-copy a video.....too many!
DeeperStill :
Why not use the power of this tidal flow to produce electricity? It seems almost as if God has provided it but nobody is using it. Silly!
Derrick Chennault
Good place for an electric generator
Oh the talkies!
Jennifer Webb
2:24 looks like a T-rex projectile vomiting 😃
Indus Valley Civilization
I Love ocean
Robert Olesen
OK, who else wants to be dropped off there in a kayak at ebb tide?
Looks like the perfect place to clean out your arse.
Stenhaus Studios
I feel like some turbines should be installed here to generate electricity. Though if it's too far from civilization, I can see why this hasn't been done yet.
Thanks for showing this...makes Aratiatia just a wee bit tiny feeling.
aubi faedra
Why haven't they put some paddles on it yet? ~
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