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Farmer Bob
America has a President who has committed Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud. He’s had a Fraudulent Charity AND a Fraudulent University. Trump has filed for Multiple Bankruptcies to avoid paying his bills which hurt America Businesses. He is notorious for NOT paying employees and tops all that off with decades of Tax Evasion to avoid what he honestly owes and to keep money in his own pockets. Trump has had money laundering issues regarding his casinos and he cant stop lying or bullying people. Let’s not forget to mention his Stellar Morality of cheating on ALL THREE of his Wives with multiple woman...THAT, is who Trump is!

And all of that is ASIDE from any of the Russian scandal stuff🙄
Mike Oxhuuj
Mr Trump you are such an intelligent intellectual, your not just as you claim, a genius but handsome and healthy and all those people around the world calling you a pathetic and sad little liar are so wrong. It is clear you have not even attempted to defraud the IRS out of billions of taxes taken from the mouths of the children of the bona fide hard working Americans (and English) and you have never attempted to have your records discretely hidden out of sight. What a guy!

Did I really just type this??? OMF I did didn't I. I'm such a muddy little fibber. Just f****g with you Numplty. Your a crook and Don Trumpalesi you are also the head of the Trumpalesie Cartel. In your own words aimed at and said to Hilary Clinton "you're going to jail..." Smiiirrrk Thinks "Has everyone seen and heard" Another ...smug smirk.... Weiner inflating and he is suspected to be carrying a Derringer in his pants
Devon Rusinek
Watch out for the 50 cent army in the comments section.
Sol De la Riva 2
Denzil B
Mr Trump is a great man - we would like a leader like him in the UK
Becky Daweston
How can he say"China pays the tariffs, not the American People"??? The PURCHASER OF THE PRODUCTS PAYS, NOT THE SELLER!!! How does he get away with this crap? That money "flowing into our coffers" was already OURS!
Peachy Pisces
Watch this with 0.5x of the playback speed. 😂😂😂
Trump clearly has too many insecurities and mental health problems to be President. But it's his enablers that disgust me, manipulating this sad man for their own ends.
Si Filey
"Chronic trading abuses"
Holy Shit! I feel sorry for Africa and every other country that got fucked up and continue to so by Oppressive Colonialism.
Ian Clarke
Looks like a creep with his pussies there ..sorry possy .
James McNamara
Literally has cowboys he looks so backward like a parady
Anadi Kirus
God bless Mr President and the people behind you.
Wow these six comments could have just been posted by one person with six different accounts making a mock dialogue just to make it look like they are not the minority that they really are compared to all the Trump supporters.
Pelosi NEVER said that Trump yelled or stomeped. In any event, neither her or Shumer said ANYTHING as nasty as Trump's statement here.
The House has passed over 200 Bills that Trump will not sign. That's hardly doing nothing.
So is Trump going to move his company back to the USA from China? Years ago, Trump closed down several American businesses he bought out and moved all those jobs to China. Wonder if he's decided to move them back or does he prefer being able to make very cheap goods because China doesn't have to pay a living wage to it's staff?
Ali G
come on kaliyen balabla okkkk shut up now
Ali G
leader or gangster?
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