Virgin Oceanic, Trailer 2013 Landing parallel to White Knight 5 months ago   02:31

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Virgin Oceanic (originally Virgin Aquatic) is an undersea leisure venture of Newport Beach, CA businessman Chris Welsh and Sir Richard Branson, part of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group.

Virgin Oceanic's first dive will be to the Mariana Trench early in 2013, and further dives are scheduled over the next 24 months, subject to receipt of all required regulatory approvals.

The research and development phase of the programme was extended due to work on design modification. This has extended the testing period and moved the earliest opportunity of our first major dive into 2013.

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Landing parallel to White Knight Virgin Oceanic, Trailer 2013 5 months ago   02:33

View aerial rendezvous video here:

After champagne with Buzz Aldrin and Richard Branson at 30,000 feet, our flight landed in parallel with Virgin Galactic's White Knight and Spaceship 2 on our way into the new SFO Terminal 2. April 6, 2011.

Flying wing to wing with a spaceship: Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo at opening of Virgin America's new SFO Terminal 2

[Shot for Boing Boing by Dean Putney]