AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 shiba inu dad do ANGERY - Part 9 2 days ago   02:15

shibainu shiro suki
he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

he demands respecc

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Darcy M. Royce
l'm a tad amazed that people don't get dog behaviour...Shiro lS the pack leader, therefore, he'll show and teach boundaries for the little ones. And the little ones learn through trial and error - at the moment they seem fearless and bold entering his space at a whim but what happens if they meet the same situation ln the wild and can't "calibrate" their reaction - to act submissive or fight back? They could die. This is all about that: Shlro ls a no-nonsense father and he's showing signs of stress at all this hlppldy - hoppldy behaviour. He shouldn't be scolded even if for us lt looks harsh or even abusive. it's really not. it's dog socialization at its most authentic that requires human intervention only if it becomes physical le. he bites the pups.
Deana From Chicago
Daddo is grumpy.
Joseph Sikora
So in this video he doesn't like his children? Why does he growl at the puppies when he is the father? Maybe you can help me understand ?
Gacha Bella
he protecc

he attacc

but most I’m portantly

He no like potats
Lucario AndMaddie
Aww poor pups. Why the daddo no like his puppos?
Edding R20
He protecc he attacc but most importantly he regret to have seccs
Topaz 13
I wish I had a shibe
I brought Tequila
Everybody gangsta till the potatoes start walkin
Tupac Shakur
Speaking poor english doesnt make a video cute.
Bird watching, 🐤🐦🕊️🦅🦆🦉🐔🦃
Dog sound dot doubleyou aey vee
saggit eightyfour
For those ppl saying Shiro is showing "dog behaviour" as pack leader that's a weird statement to make. Male wolves help rear their young and don't growl at their pups. It's domesticated dogs that have been left outta the loop for so long that they don't know what to do with pups. It's not really natural or instinctive behaviour at all, he just feels uncomfortable.
Bulletproof Samurai
Male dogs just like male humans are not for nurturing and has no place in the family. Males are for fertilizing females and nothing more.
Your comments are so cute! 😂
Michi Mus
awww,three little cute fur balls
Taylor Dagg
Hahaha can I get a tittie? 😂 I’m deceased
Stephanie Rose
Does your male dog ever not growl towards the puppies when they go near him? Why does he do this?
Matteo Agius-D'Arrigo
The Maltese accent is👌🏽
Black Lightyear
*depression has left the chat*
Nintendo Kid
0:29 Shiro/Noisy Machine
Orlando Quiroz
lol *seccs*
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shiba inu dad do ANGERY - Part 9 AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 2 days ago   02:35

he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

potat disrespecc

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