AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 oh mai hevans! MLIP / Ep 59 / Shiba Inu puppies 1 day ago   02:15

shibainu shiro suki
he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

he demands respecc

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Darcy Royce
l'm a tad amazed that people don't get dog behaviour...Shiro lS the pack leader, therefore, he'll show and teach boundaries for the little ones. And the little ones learn through trial and error - at the moment they seem fearless and bold entering his space at a whim but what happens if they meet the same situation ln the wild and can't "calibrate" their reaction - to act submissive or fight back? They could die. This is all about that: Shlro ls a no-nonsense father and he's showing signs of stress at all this hlppldy - hoppldy behaviour. He shouldn't be scolded even if for us lt looks harsh or even abusive. it's really not. it's dog socialization at its most authentic that requires human intervention only if it becomes physical le. he bites the pups.
he low IQ...😂😂
Hot Ice
Hipity hoppity im sorry potat but thats Shiros property...
Mariana DeSilva
Potats make everything better
I love it
not akali
Omg shiro sounds like a car engine. That's scary for a father
Danny S
When the puppies get bigger the dad is going to get his ass beat by all 3 of them.
lower1364 lower
넌도데체 왜그러니 새끼들이 너랑 놀고 싶다짆아 그런데 성질을 부려 으그😡
Efrain Santana
Hey teach that dog to behave.
That one guy who carries his squad in Fortnite
No one

Literally no one

Not even a single soul

Baby dog: cab i get a “TITIE”
Why he still hates potats?
Shiro is mad because the gas for his Diesel engine is too expensive
Saranya Maity
Shiro is so much disgusting dog ... Never seen such a rude dog in my life ... He is rude on his own potats ... Shame on you shiro
Cheezits118 IDK
I want to see when they are all grown up and go from potats yo full potatos
쪼그만 꼬리가 흔들거리는게 너무
Wu Zhen Zhen
When you feel tired after working , just watch shirosuki and their babies’s video, to make your brain and mussle relax . You will have a big smile. ♥️♥️♥️ the babies vocab & sentence’s make it special & amazing.
Adorable fluff balls!
Jeff Mattel
Harris Džeko
Bro u should give away or abandon the male dog.
Kevin McDougall
Daddo need de snip snip
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oh mai hevans! MLIP / Ep 59 / Shiba Inu puppies AMGERY daddo - the return Ep05 1 day ago   03:21

he atacc
he protecc
but most importantly

he distracc

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