Avengers 4 Endgame Teaser - Silver How Thanos Will Meet His Demise 2 months ago   09:53

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Emergency Awesome
Here's my new *Avengers Endgame* video and more new Captain Marvel footage. Kevin Feige and Adam McKay Silver Surfer details too. Let me know what you want them to do with Silver Surfer when they get him later this year!
Nijah Shields
Fav. Kevin Feige moment is when he started the MCU
colby rodgers
Do you think drax will come back for guardians 3 even after saying he would not because he is upset with Disney for getting rid of James Gunn?
The Sprawl
Ugh, women! That is so gay.
The Sprawl
'UGH! IT ARE A WOMMANs FILM! I are NOT going to watch a film that SHOVE POLITIC DOWN MY THROTE!'
I love his enthusiasm when he talks about the characters in X-Men and the that theres 100s of characters how he says.
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Very good
gavin monaghan
it's obvious ironman will loose his left arm as because in every movie he is in he is holding his sore arm and taking damage to it and like Bucky barns he will get an iron arm that will eventually allow him to wear the gauntlet. Maybe from same place Thor got his new axe
Frankie Dorrian
Do you think potentially will see a powerful sword? Oblivion or quantum sword for maybe thor or captain marvel to use! Thor hints at a sword when speaking to the Eitri
OoWeE Comics
Best Kevin Faige moment is still when he was doing the interview with Amy Pascal when he just had that expression of "what the hell is she talking about please no"
طارق الجرادات
Tony stark is not going to daie in End game because simply when Doctor strange looked forward into the Future he gave up the time ston inorder to save every one including tony.... So if he saw tonys death in the Future why would he gave the time ston just to save him
Ziggy Roman
If you haven't.....
Go see vice..
Little bit of a pacing issue but its fucking good.
Mark Strouthes
I am Groot.
539 DC comics fans hated the awesome MARVEL VIDEO
Ian Worley
Silver surfer trailer were the heck is that?
Retro Gaming Channel Subscribe
Now They Can Make Rouge Cool lets see a rouge and mystec movie
Favorite KF moment: KF mentioned seeing Aquaman and liking cool movies. The start of Disney's 2030 acquisition of Warner Bros. :-)
Octavio V
Brooo Spidey trailer is out!
Adam Warlock is not in Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 script. Gunn said himself, that Warlock's first real appearance will be after Guardians 3 because he deserves a great entrance in a movie that focuses on him and the Guardians focuses mostly on Quill.
Jessie Jones
A Silver Surfer movie?!!! AWESOME!!! Let me play Norrin Radd!!!
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How Thanos Will Meet His Demise Avengers 4 Endgame Teaser - Silver 2 months ago   11:06

Is the Soul Stone the Key to Defeating Thanos in Marvel Avengers 4 Endgame?

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By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, one thing was crystal clear: Thanos must be defeated. Now, we just want to know how it’s going to happen during Avengers 4. We saw him sacrifice his daughter Gamora in order to obtain the Soul Stone, but could one of the Infinity Stones actually be his undoing? We know the stones have minds of their own and the ability to affect those around them. Sure, Thanos has no shortage of enemies, including Captain America and Iron Man, who’d gladly sacrifice themselves to save the day, but when it comes to taking down the Mad Titan, it turns out his very worst enemy could turn out to be himself.

How do you think Thanos will meet his end during Avengers 4? Tell us in the comments section below, then click on the subscribe button for more MCU videos from us here at CBR.


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