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Steve Groom
Best rendition of Kraid's Lair ever. EVER.
Victor Ude
Emory Daniel
See y’all for your album release party at PAX South!!!
Anthony Mena
Is there anywhere I can buy this song the current albums dont seem to have it
Josue Borreli
Bien Echo!
Luis Fernando Fonseca Padilla
Metroide: Las aventuras de Samuela Arandas

Ok no
davichost 1
The last taco is in captivity, The galaxy is at peace
How about some splatoon covers guys? Por favor haces splatoon mariachi va ser muy chèvre gracias. Shout my birthday is Sunday and my streaming is lotuszeng on twitch will stream again January
Why is this not already a movie?

I see it as a classic western. A tiny village on the frontier, where the people are humble and poor, and living in fear of the raiding Space Banditos who have bled them dry... And all hope was lost until the day the stranger came. The Hunter who never spoke a word to us, and whose face we did not see, but we knew... When Samus Aran rode into our village, clad in their armor, with the cannon on their arm and the poncho over their shoulders, we knew the dark days were over, and we no longer had to be afraid.

In the dead of night, in the heart of abandoned fort Brinstar, lit only by the dim coals of old fires and the muzzleflash of their weapons, that scaly bastard Ridley, terror of the southwest, brought his space banditos to bear, and yet when the chips were down, it was the Hunter who came out alive. And when the blast of old TNT shattered that old fort and let out a BOOM that rippled across the desert, it was our hero, Samus Aran, who rode out of that wreckage and brought us our freedom from tyranny.

The last shot of the movie is the pretty doe-eyed señorita, running out to the edge of town to catch one last glimpse of her hero in shining armor, riding off into the sunset. "We will never forget you, Samus," she says. "... *I* will never forget you."

And in the distance, Samus removes her helmet, and shakes her hair loose into a halo of gold, and her eyes meet the señorita's... And that señorita stares back, and says, "... Well, this raises interesting questions about myself."
Osvaldo Anarky
Really beautiful ❤
The "Kraid" section threw me the *_fuck_* back.
Francisco Duran
Que buena musica 🎧
Awwww yeah, this works.
gaedshoomy gaedshoomy
se pasaron de verga, estuvo bien chingononon! jajajaja
Omg you are all beautiful!!!!!
Very cool! Do some Rygar! Please
Bruno Mena
The last reguetonero is un captivity. The Mariachi is at peace.
Y si hacen algo de Golden sun?
Incredible, well done!
Joaquin Lopez
Excelente, me encantó.
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Metroid Prime IS NOT Canon!? What Metroid - Mariachi Cover - Mariachi 3 months ago   21:21

There has been some debate about the status of both the Metroid Prime series, and Other M in the main Metroid series. Some claim that they are not canon to the overall Metroid timeline. And some claim that even Sakamoto, Metroid's Director, feels this way too. So what are the arguments? and why does it matter?

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