Slamming the 4 Door Skyline!!! Scaring my Parents in my R32 Skyline GTR! 2 months ago   14:36

Today @vu_le_le_ and I get to slamming the 4 door Skyline!!! Huge shout out to @adamlz for the coilovers. Let me know what you guys think! Kit will be going on very soon. Can you guess what kit?


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Randy's laugh has me DED xD
Thank god it’s a skyline lol these things are basically rwd altimas
Paul Grigg
Needs coupe taillights!
Vu should make a channel where he records himself sleeping
Ttv __armando
Yo Randy are you a ricer
diecast nathanael
You should leave it like this
boss kid savage
More street cred
Kaye Reyes
Because of the coilovoers thats the on who make it loward
Jose Ayon
That laugh at 7:30 💀💀
What wheels are those? Looks good 👌
What wheels are those? Thinking of getting Rota Grids or something similar with the simple and clean, 5 or 6 spoke look.
Fernando Perez
he better make more content hahaha
DaAsianWitClass -
Randy, Buy a 326 wing for Thomas. It would look dope AF on his lexus
MC Production Garage
Dude car looks killerrrrr🤘🏻 imma message you my video real, because I feel like the channel could use some sick out cinematics and editing!
Randy am I too late to get a like ?
Crow 505
R35 gt-r oem rays wheels would look good to.7 spoke.
Joseph Anzalone
That Carolina squat tho🤣🤣🤣7:25
Reneil Jazon Billones
Where is ur r32? Did u sell it?
Donart Mahmudi
Why don’t you banana wax the 4 door skyline
Angel King
What wheels are those?
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Scaring my Parents in my R32 Skyline GTR! Slamming the 4 Door Skyline!!! 2 months ago   12:18

My parents came to town for my little brother's graduation. What a perfect time to take them for a spin in the Skyline GTR and get their reaction! Hope you guys enjoy the video! Don't forget to subscribe!

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