River Thames: The Source Kayaking To The Source Of The River Thames! 2 days ago   02:08

The English Eye
The start of a 200-mile journey from the source of the River Thames in the Cotswolds, through London, to where it meets the North Sea.

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So where does all the water come from?
Ronald Ford
Apparent!y the sign really says stop peeing against this stone because you'll create a river. Lol
Fredo Santana
Did u record this on ur iStone ?
Augus Javed
we've come along way in understanding the dynamics of evolving river systems....

......but recently we found some documents at Westminster....Tis a memorandum from Queen Victoria in 1887.....The Thames mystery may be solved....she commissioned a gigantic ocean desalinization plant in Cardiff....and pumped the fresh water to the " little Rock seen in the video".....thus giving the River Thames many centuries of healthy water flow...as commodores and admirals salute with cannon blasts as they pass by big Ben.....
"Pray my Lourds , my gentleman, dear ladies..
I give you the Queen"💁💁💁💁💁😁😇
Tae Kookie
playaa playa
I don't understand how they can't find the source, can't they just follow the river up to the end?
Had a look at this yesterday. I wanted to see the point where water first appears on the ground. The fields were dry all the way to the A-road and sadly my map didn't accurately show the route so I went the wrong way to try and catch it downstream!
andy lawson
On the strength of this video I'm going to try and persuade some of my friends to walk the whole way. It could take us years but it will be worth it!
anthony adolphe
Hmm...not  lot to see is there, one of those 'build yourself up' jobs only to be underwhelmed at the end...not sure anyway why I went looking for info on the source of the Thames, must be bored, day after Boxing day and am out of my tiny mind. Thanks for the effort however, enjoyed your commentary.
M Gamerz
wow world record they should put it in world guines 2014 
David Jefferis
Good question! Yep it's an underground spring - in a dry summer you'd be hard put to see any water at all, in winter it's a smallish pond and the field around becomes boggy.
...and just a little farther South on the A433 is the Avon source! Great vid!
The English Eye
Pleased you like - water in the field around the source varies a lot, depending on amount of rain, time of year etc.
when i saw the source in the opening ceremony i thought that was soo cool, great job man, hope i can visit some day
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Kayaking To The Source Of The River Thames! River Thames: The Source 2 days ago   14:23

A short film about my battle to kayak against the tide and flow of the River Thames to its source. PLEASE DONATE! http://www.justgiving.com/kayak2thesource

The charity we're supporting: http://www.msf.org.uk

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Shot using a Go Pro Hero 3 and a Canon Elph 300 HS