Overcoming Nerves When Giving How to Stop Being Shy (Communicate with 1 day ago   09:03

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Deborah Grayson Riegel gives real life tips and techniques for working with nervousness while presenting.

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Lance Baker
She teaches at Beijing University, and Chinese always add too much emotion to their speeches when they want to win a public speaking contest. I have judges several in China, and the excess emotion is like a flood, not comfortable for any non-Chinese in the audience.
Lance Baker
She also speaks very forcefully. No wonder most of you are scared stiff! Don't present your speech like that. Relax and make it warm and friendly.
Lance Baker
She tries to scare all of you at 0:57: "Public speaking is serious business!!!" NO!!!! It is not serious!!! Relax and speak to one person at a time. Don't think that you are in front of a jury of 50 people. Just talk to one person at a time. Look at one person, and speak as if you were on the platform of the subway. Just talk. Then move your gaze to one other person. No matter what, don't force your gestures, as this woman does. You are not holding a floating baby!!! Only make gestures that accent what you say. If you say "I can never remember the state capitals" just touch your temple with one finger to emphasize memory.
Lance Baker
OMG, the all too common floating baby hand gesture!!!! I hate that. IT IS MEANINGLESS!!!! STOP PRESENTING THE FLOATING BABY TO US!!!!!
Theodore Vegh
Visualize someone you love. - Theodore Alexander Vegh
Babu Muvva
salah ouali
Much thankful for this awesome presentation. Really helpfull.
i.....have one this thursday OMG IM GETTING NERVOUS EVEN THO THERES 2 OF US PRESENTING IM STILL NERVOUS!!T^T...im giving a presentation in class this thursday with my partner but i still havent gotten closer to most of my classmates cuz of my social anxiety and im scared that they might judge me horriblyT^T...and also my partner is really quiet so im just gonna assume that were on thee same page of having social anxiety and if she does have social anxiety then i would be happy that i finally found someone that has the same problems as me.
open class 7
Deborah , I think I' m in love with you
Jesus Christ
I have one tomorrow and I think I might just die. >_
Cindy Martenez
Im 12 and since i was 7 my biggest fear is presenting, i feel confident but once i get the spot kight i turn red i shake i sweat alot...and i feel like i can never overcome my fear, the worst part is that i get more nervous presenting in front of my crush...i am a socialy akward person..i dont feel fear when presenting with three more people! Help!! Some one give me tips!!😭😭
Jamus Nelius LaCimus
I recommend no sugar or caffeine for at least 2 weeks prior to your presentation.
Arooj Zainab
I used to speak all nonsense during making presentation. I forgot all my words.I can't make eye contact with people
Ketut Shapiro
Please don't get nervous during the speech
Cuilin Liu
i hate public speaking and im psyching myself out for my speech wed
Michael Stephen Vargas
I was like: exactly, exactly, and exactly! Good content, really brings awareness and progression.
i was going to have a presantation at my school and i puked before the lesson even started, i was so so so nervous... but i dident have to do it though
erickson apen
Thanks a lot, I want to try it...
I have one tomorrow and I'm nervous and studdery AF
PoPa DeZad
Thank You so Much, You should make alot of videos, so inspiring , I'm going to present and you helped me to relax .... SHUKRAN
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How to Stop Being Shy (Communicate with Overcoming Nerves When Giving 1 day ago   07:58

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