Elwha Unplugged The Teton Dam Disaster 2 days ago   07:39

Larry Grubb from the 11LD Dems Org visits the Elwha Damn to set up a grassroots membership building event, the Elwha River Restoration, scheduled to begin Sept 17th in Port Angeles WA.

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norman segel
boring video
John .Hervatich
Keep doin the right thing, and boot-out lousy pollies....
Now all that power generating capacity is lost. Something has to be burned to make up for it.
This was a terrible video
Unplugged? This video did nothing for anyone. All I heard was a really loud camera and camera operator.
Jeff Eichen
How may i get some Hi-res footage for a Music Video we ayr making. We are just small-time and will offer you credit in our Video. Do you have stills and demolition footage? Thanks Jeff...
Dams have a service life. This thing had served its useful life. It is now down ahead of schedule because, according to the contractors, it was ready to tear down i.e. dangerous.
typical luddite: hates technology, even when they use it.
jeremy lang
cool, my class is going to see it soon, cant wait.
One ugly, poorly built, fish killing, river destroying, ancient dangerous dam GONE!!!
Dehvin rose
@robert3302 YOU ARE A TARD. I am a conservative and also a fisherman. I can see the logic behind removing the dams. those fish get stuck a that bottom dam. it's no good for the fisherman or the fish. It is the smartest thing to do in the long run. Let me reiterate that i am a republican and not a tree huger.
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The Teton Dam Disaster Elwha Unplugged 2 days ago   04:34

At 11:57 am on June 5, 1976, the Teton Dam, a 305-foot high earthfill dam across the Teton River in Madison County, southeast Idaho, failed completely.

At the time of failure, the reservoir was almost full and contained 251,000 acre-feet of water. After the breach the main part of the reservoir emptied in about 5 hours.

The snake river valley was devastated.

My family was living in the Idaho Falls area at the time of the flood. My father and uncle took photos of the aftermath. This video is comprised of never-seen-before photos taken by them shortly after the flood ripped through the valley.

Both my father and uncle took part in the battle to save Idaho Falls from the oncoming rush of water.

Sources used in video: Teton Dam Failure Narrative and Teton Dam Flood.

To view a version of this video without the text, visit my other Teton Dam Disaster upload at https://ai-tube.com/videoai/s45vfo9kiPN .