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Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide | In The Streets Of Cairo And Giza - At Ai-Tube.com

Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide In the Streets of Cairo and Giza 1 day ago   20:52

The American Tourist
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Cairo.. the largest city on the African continent and home to the last remaining ancient wonder of the world. So many people dream of standing in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, but the fear of unfamiliarity in a turbulent Middle East leave many tourists asking the same question.. is it safe? My name is Ricky Moreno and I’m gonna show you the most popular tourist attractions in the city, and all the reasons why I love Cairo!

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Christal Jones
Going to Cairo soon! Thanks for the video 🙌🏼
Prince Mukherjee
excellent video ... kindly make the video at least 1 hour long ...... truely the way you are presenting it seems that actually visiting the place .... keep it up bro ...... great.
Omg in 2011 i was in greece and i remember seeing the news in egypt of burning buildings...
Nagendra Babu Koruguntla
Beautiful video ever seen before
Manijeh N
I wish people were allowed to see inside the pyramids
Manijeh N
Egypt is good to visit but not to live with 60 M population
Sameh ezz
6:14 fake why you are lay iam Egyptian and he didn't say that
P b Ishan
Thank you brother for your amazing blog..one day i will come egypt..really nice country
Mohammed Elnaghi
Cool vid 👍 keep it up 👍
zou zou
Great and informative. Thanks. We are going there end of April and can’t wait to discover all Egypt has to offer.
great video proo
Eduardo Gavino
Egypt is a beautiful and wonderful country. Thank you very much for my visit in Cairo and Alexandria. Thanks
Chow Traveller
Great video, Ricky! My gal and I are planning to visit Giza next month for a Red Hot Chili Pepper concert at the pyramids. Your video did an excellent job of alleviating any security concerns as well as covered some points of interest we'd like to explore. Thanks to you and your team for taking the time to put this together and share.
اللہ کے ساتھ برکت اللہ کے ساتھ برکت
Egyptian's skin color is like Indians. They neither white nor black.
Ares A.
Hey man , just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your video help me just push myself to go to Egypt this week and had a lot of fun.
Miss Marshall
abdelrahman mohamed
people who think you may not be safe in Egypt, if you are a girl you will get harassed. there are gonna be terrorists and all sort of bad things. let's just make that simple people for as Egyptians tourists are waking money 😀😀😀. you can rest assure that even the dogs in the street want you to be safe because safe means coming again 😀😀😀. The real issue is Khan El-Khalili where you buy souvenirs just do exactly as Ricky said say no if you don't want something and try to escape because you will never out smart them that is there job to make you buy stuff with a lot money if possible why because they need to money to live. it's that simple and bargaining is an Egyptian trait that would find especially in girls they are masters of getting what they want with a cheap price so you get the idea they raise the price so when you bargain they still take what they want anyway. same logic is applied to horses and camels bargain for a reasonable price it's usually around 100 Egyptian bounds for a ride around the pyramids 150 if we will get fancy. If you are a girl if harassment would ever happen which I seriously dough it's gonna be vocal which is practically compliment so don't make it personal no one is gonna touch you unless you stupidly asked them to.
Thanks for this. I leave April 4th for my first trip to Egypt. I already know I'll want to go back!
William Moore
Excellent video!!! Thank You!
shaban helal
very funny ... after you finish the camel you will walk like egyptian,,, i never known how do we look like when we walk?????
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In the Streets of Cairo and Giza Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide 1 day ago   05:28

The streets of Cairo and Giza by bus, seen through the eyes of a Tourist.

شوارع القاهرة والجيزة بالحافلة، وينظر من خلال عيون السياحي.

Les rues du Caire et de Gizeh en bus, vu à travers les yeux d'un touriste.

Улицы Каира и Гизы на автобусе, видели глазами туриста.

Las calles de El Cairo y Giza en autobús, vistos a través de los ojos de un turista.

Le strade del Cairo e di Giza in autobus, visti attraverso gli occhi di un turista.


Вулиці Каїра і Гізи на автобусі, бачили очима туриста.

Kairo und Gizeh auf einer Busfahrt durch die Stadt gefilmt.