Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Big Hero 6 The Series Squish to Fit Baymax 6 months ago   14:45

Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Kit STEM from Mattel. Squirrel Stampede toy reviews, unboxes, and tests out the T-Rex that you can see inside! T-Rex features removable outer shell, to reveal inside anatomy of muscles, organs, and bone. Use the DNA Activator key, to open and close mouth for Chomping Jaw, realistic Pumping Heart action, and realistic Moving Leg with Muscle. Enjoy learning with Science and Engineering and the study of the inner workings of the body of a T-Rex!

T-Rex also a good play size to other Jurassic World toys from Mattel. Similar in size to the Thrash and Throw T-Rex!

Found USA retail, Amazon $40


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Mouhamed Mallem
Mouhamed Mallem
Tr癡s beau dinosaure
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So we dont wanna lose this Ill just put this over there so we lose it. Me:lol hahah
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I love your video but my dad has not seen me since Ive been playing with him 儭
Barrie Hickmott
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You said so I lose it
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Dan: I want my t-rex baby back ribs
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I love to read about dinosaurs!
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This is my favorite toy!
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I'm a youtuder
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Tyrannosaurus Rex is my favorite dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex is my favorite dinosaur
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Big Hero 6 The Series Squish to Fit Baymax Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy 6 months ago   13:34

Big Hero 6 The Series Squish to Fit Baymax of Ban Dai Toys Review. Squirrel Stampede unboxes, and Toy Reviews, from the New Big Hero 6 Series line, a Squishy Baymax that fits inside 2 armored suits! Also Wasabi's car included for extra Squish into-in-us. See how to squish and fit Baymax into the 2 suits, instructions, and how to take out. Just don't over squish!!!

Found USA retail, Target $25


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